Staff Roster

ECF Staff Roster

Staff Roster:

 Grade: Staff Name: Email:  -  More Info:
Principal  Marisol Molina mmolina@avondale.k12.az.us
   EXT. 4305
Principal  Samantha Bartlett sbartle@avondale.k12.az.us
   EXT. 4306
2nd  Jennifer Smith jsmith@avondale.k12.az.us     
2nd  Angelica Banuelos abanuel@avondale.k12.az.us    
2nd   Melissa Licudine mlicudi@avondale.k12.az.us
2nd  Vickie Ryan vryan@avondale.k12.az.us    
2nd Alexus Dibrell
3rd  Kathryn Davis kdavis@avondale.k12.az.us
3rd  Jessica Valenzuela jvalenz@avondale.k12.az.us
3rd  Renae Bess rbess@avondale.k12.az.us     
3rd Beverly Capistrant bcapist@avondale.k12.az.us
3rd Jessica Bachand jbachan@avondale.k12.az.us    
4th Sara Rogowski srogows@avondale.k12.az.us
4th Alexis Garcia agarcia2@avondale.k12.az.us     
4th Bobbi Rada brada@avondale.k12.az.us
 4th Rosa Talamantes rtalama@avondale.k12.az.us
5th Mahuya Thaker mthakur@avondale.k12.az.us    
5th Mary Stevenson msteven@avondale.k12.az.us    
5th Tina Munoz-Lopez tmunoz@avondale.k12.az.us    
5th Toshio Fish tfish@avondale.k12.az.us     
5th Jennely Lamadrid      
 Resource Jeanine Schiaffo jschiaf@avondale.k12.az.us    
 Resource Jenna Brophy jbrophy@avondale.k12.az.us    
P.E. Dalton Hatfield dhatfie@avondale.k12.az.us     
P.E  Laura Brust lbrust@avondale.k12.az.us     
Art Jill Henrichsen jhenric@avondale.k12.az.us     
Music Jessica Walker jwalker@avondale.k12.az.us    
Technology  Michael Meckler mmeckle@avondale.k12.az.us     
Library Phillip Lehmkuhl plehmku@avondale.k12.az.us     
 Nurse Rebecca Aragon raragon@avondale.k12.az.us
 Counselor Cal Thogerson cthoger@avondale.k12.az.us    
 Psychologist Intern Rachel Jacob rjacob@avondale.k12.az.us

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