Mrs. Franklin- 3rd - 5th

Hello, My Name Is...

Heidi Franklin

Hello, my name is Mrs. Heidi and I will be your child's teacher this school year.  I am very excited about the journey ll of us together will embrace this school year.  During our school day, we will work on math, reading, writing, science, technology, social studies, social skills, and more. the learning environment in the classroom is very interactive to help keep your student's attention and help with retention of the materials.
Communication is a big part of your child's success.  Ask them questions about our subjects and feel free to add tips.  If you have questions/concerns, would like to visit our classroom, schedule a conference, or volunteer to help, you can contact me via email or phone.
As for myself, I have obtained my Bachelor's degree in Child Psychology and my Master's degree in Special Education-Cross Categorical.  I have worked with children of all ages and disabilities for the past 17 years.  My passion in life has and always will be working with youngsters of all ages!  I have 4 children of my own ranging from 12 years old up to 23.  My passion has also extended to working with children in the community, volunteering my time in Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and community awareness events.
My goal is for our classroom to be a team or community of learners based on mutual respect.  A safe place where they are encouraged to share, learn from you, me, other teachers, and classmates.  Your child will absolutely receive the very best education when we all work as a team.  It's a supportive, caring involvement that encourages all to do their best.  Together we can achieve wonderful things.

Mrs. Heidi