Supply List

Supply List

3rd Grade School Supply List


Please send these items with your child on the first day of school, so he or she is prepared for class!


  • 1 backpack




  • 1 pencil box




  • 2 BOXES of #2 pencils (to be used all year)




  • 1 two pocket folder (for homework)




  • 1 container of cleaning wipes (for example: Clorax)




  • 1 package of Expo markers for student whiteboards




  • 1 package of wide rule loose leaf paper



Folders: I have purchased folders and notebooks for your child for the school year. However, if they are damaged or lost, it will be your responsibility to replace them. You may want to purchase extras now while they are on sale. Here are the colors: Folders: red, yellow, green, blue, purple and Notebooks: green and blue.  





Lista Escolar del 3er Grado


Por favor mande lo indicado en esta lista el primer dia de escuela, para que su hijo/a este preparado para trabajar!


 1 mochila


1 caja para lapizes


 2 CAJAS de lapizes #2  (para usar hasta el fin)


 1 folder de dos paquetes (para cargar la tarea)


 1 contenidor de tuallitas para desinfectar (por ejemplo: Clorax)


1 paquete de Expo marcadores para pizarras blancas



Folders: Yo compre cuadernos y folders para que su estudiante los use hasta que termine el tercer grado. Pero, si su estudiante los pierde o destruye entonces sera responsabilidad de estudes remplasarlos.  Los colores son: rojo, Amarillo, verde, azul, y morado.  para folders. Para cuadernos es: verde, y azul.